Experiences, Options and Challenges

Organisers: Marén Schorch, Fabienne Seifert, Hussain A. Syed, Christoph Kotthaus and Volkmar Pipek (University of Siegen)

We conducted our interdisciplinary workshop Doing CSCW Research in Small and Medium Enterprises. Experiences, Options and Challenges on 13 June 2020 in the context of ECSCW20020 (European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work) that was hosted by the University of Siegen this time. ECSCW is an annual, international conference with participants from various disciplines (such as computer science, sociology, psychology etc.) who do research about computer-supported, cooperative work practices.

The workshop provided the opportunity for intense exchange for junior researchers who are doing research in small and medium sized enterprises. Dr. Marén Schorch, the leader and two research assistants from KontiKat – Fabienne Seifert and Hussain Abid Syed – were involved in the organisation of the workshop.

The focus was on the diverse methods, the how empiricial studies are conducted in the respective projects, which empirical methods are used, what problems occur, often due to the inner logics oft he fields, but also as consequence of project conditions and respective expertise of all stakeholdrs involved. Building up and maintaining long-term engagements in SMEs plays a major role here. We exchanged and discussed also „best practices“. By applying „Miro“, all participants were able to collaboratively work on notes on a virtual whiteboard (see picture). The results are edited now and will be transferred in a short guideline.

The contributions:

  • Sven Hoffmann, Adrian Preussner, Fatih Kurnaz & Valentin Puls (Universität Siegen): RetroARfit – Design Implications for an Augmented Reality Retrofit Tool
  • Nico Vitt & Marc Gerbracht Puls (Universität Siegen): Doing research with SMEs: Participation, voluntariness and the role of the researcher
  • Christoph Kotthaus, Nico Vitt &Volkmar Pipek Puls (Universität Siegen): Giving Voice to „Shielded“, underrepresented Stakeholders through Debugging in Participatory Design
  • Marén Schorch, Amanda Langer, Hussain A. Syed, Fabienne Seifert & Sascha Skudelny Puls (Universität Siegen): Bridging Differences. Experiences from Crisis and Business Continuity Research in Local SMEs

A big “thank you!” to the participants for the productive meeting!

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