learn with MAX!

MAX is a chatbot application where organizations can create a network of their experts and employees to share knowledge and to learn the materials with the help of MAX(artificially intelligent agent).

MAX is here to assist you with your learning journey. Simply ask questions to MAX regarding the documents. If you don’t like the answer then you can rate the answer and send a query to the available experts in your network. You can also solve quizzes to track your learning progress. These quizzes are designed by experts to test your knowledge.

In order to run the app you would need the following things:

  1. Step1, For Android users: Download expo app from PlayStore by clicking https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=host.exp.exponent&hl=en_CA&gl=US
  2. Step1, For IOS users: Download the expo go app from AppStore by clicking https://apps.apple.com/de/app/expo-go/id982107779.
  3. Step3, read the following NOTE first, after installing the expo app, scan the following QR code to launch our learning application(MAX) or click on this link.

                             QR CODE for APP

    Note: IOS(iPhone) users will first need to log in to the expo go app in order for the following QR code to work. IOS (iPhone) users can use the following credentials to log in to the expo go app and then you can scan the QR code provided in step 3.

    USERNAME: testUser@kontikat.de

    Password: test123456

    After successfully following the steps you should be able to see the following screen in your expo go app:

          Learn with MAX

    You can read the usage guide in the app to learn more about the features of the app:




    Hussain Abid Syed

    University of Siegen
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    BMBF junior research group KONTIKAT
    Campus Unteres Schloss
    Kohlbettstr. 17
    Room US-G 006
    57072 Siegen, Germany

    E-mail: Hussain.Syed@uni-siegen.de

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