The junior research group KONTIKAT“ is funded by the Federal Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF, 2017-2021) and focusses on the investigation of „civil and business continuity by the means of socio-technical networking in crisis“. The group is one of the five groups in the BMBF funding program under „Civil Security – Promoting young researchers and their interdisciplinary competencies“. In KONTIKAT, we are researchers from the fields of sociology, computer science (CSCW and socio-informatics), media science, economics (management, SME, applied statistics) as well as applied linguistics. All members work on their respective thesis (PhD or habilitation). The shared research goal is the identification of the existing insights of continuity in everyday life, but also in times of crisis – dealing with the civil society in general, but small and medium sized enterprises (SME) in particular. Due to the diversity, but also the complexity of our research topics and fields, we use quite a broad range of empirical methods: qualitative field studies, representative, quantitative surveys, social media and social network analysis, participative concept development, the design of socio-technical prototypes and their long-term evaluation in the practical field. Generally, we aim at supporting self organisation, networking, assistance and communication in order to be better prepared in case a crisis strikes.