We are happy to announce the publication of all the contributions of our ECSCW 2021 workshop on “Infrastructuring for organizational resilience” by Hussain A. Syed and Marén Schorch (eds.). in: International Reports on Socio-Informatics (IRSI) 18 (1).

You can find the pdf of our editorial and all the contributions here: International Reports on Socio-Informatics (IRSI) 18 (1).



A significant amount of research has been done in Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) to understand the underpinnings of work infrastructures and the phenomena of infrastructuring. These elucidations have helped understand the ontological relativism of soft and hard infrastructures and used the analytical lens of infrastructuring to understand the development and emergence of infrastructures and technological interventions. In science and technology studies, infrastructures are considered inherently robust with momentum and scaling mechanisms for self-correction and continuity. Our two-day workshop at the European Conference on CSCW in 2021 focused on exploring the notion of infrastructures in the broader context of organizational resilience (continuity) and in times of crisis (Covid19 pandemic, floods etc.). In the workshop, we set up a broader research scope ranging from smaller and medium enterprises to public administration domains enlightening the need for rigorous research for developing robust, flexible, and adaptable infrastructures as a manifestation of resilient infrastructures.



Editorial to: Infrastructuring for organizational resilience. A Workshop Report

Hussain A. Syed and Marén Schorch

Infrastructuring Resilience through Collective Mind: Opportunity for SMEs

Diogo Cotta

Home Office and Resilience Strategies – Lessons Learned from Our Research

Michael Ahmadi and Sebastian Tauterbeck

Strengthening Resilience with Agile Business Models and Strategy during Crisis Management

Noor Nazrabi

Agility and Resilience of Local Authorities – the Covid challenge

Ann-Marie Nienaber, Andree Woodcock and Kat Gut

Doing Research with SMEs: Participation, Voluntariness and the Role of the Researcher.

Nico Vitt and Marc Gerbracht

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