From 25 to 26 September 2020, the Research Network 03 “Biographical Perspectives on European Societies” of the European Sociological Association (ESA) held its online event, with addressing a topical subject: “Biographical work in a time of social distancing: interview(s), analysis, interpretation”. The online event “focuses on methodological issues of biographical research in new societal circumstances. The ‘social architecture’ of teaching has changed, but how might empirical, biographical research respond to the new challenges? What can biographical methods offer in times of social distancing and isolation?”

There were eight sessions with twenty talks. The program is available at

From our junior research group KontiKat, the sociologist Fabienne Seifert attended the congress and presented a paper:

She presented the first results of her ongoing work and research in the session “Turning inwards when studying other people’s lives: the effects of biographical research on researchers” (Ph.D. students’ session). The title of the paper was “Situational Awareness, Vulnerability, Images of Risk: Insights and Reflections on the impact of my research on me”. She talked about her reflection of the social roles as a researcher and Ph.D. student in the field.

We are delighted about the successful online event, the conference presentation, and the great interest in our junior research group and the ongoing research.

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